Littlethings Mental Health Campaign

Llittlethings is a new mental health and wellbeing social marketing campaign developed by the National Office for Suicide Prevention. The campaign has three messages to share. We want to increase the number of people who believe and know that the following are true:


  1.       We all experience life’s storms – the day-to-day difficulties that are an ordinary, everyday part of life – things like stress, grief, and feeling down, worried or anxious.
  2.       There are things that you can do for yourself and others that will have a positive impact on how you feel and how you cope.
  3.       You can find out more about the #littlethings and about mental wellbeing on


Part of the #littlethings campaign is putting local initiatives in place that will help improve people’s wellbeing through simple practices. Galway Mental Health Service has put forward a plan to increase awareness of the importance of physical exercise when minding your mental health.

The campaign slogan is:

The More You Move the Better Your Mood

We have two interlinked projects on the 14th June.

  • The first one is that we want people to take to the Salthill promenade on Sunday, 14th June at 1.30pm to support the campaign. We are inviting all activity/sports based clubs to participate; issuing invitations to partner organisations; public representatives and the general public to walk on the day.
  • Secondly, Galway will be playing Mayo in the Connacht Football semi-final in Pearse Stadium that afternoon and we will be doing a number of initiatives with the GAA in the stadium.  We will be handing out stickers and wallet cards to the football fans at the turnstiles – similar to the successful approach that was taken at the Volvo Ocean Race Mental Health Matters campaign.


We will be working closely with the GAA and the Galway Sports Partnership; the GAA is a partner in the Littlethings campaign nationally.


We are seeking your support in the following ways:


  1. We would like you to encourage as many people as possible to take part in our walk.  We will assemble at the Claddagh Hall at1.00pm for a photo opportunity and launch.  It will take approx. 25 minutes to walk to Pearse Stadium.
  2. At the turnstiles of Pearse Stadium, we will need 40 volunteers to hand out stickers and wallet cards from 2.00 to 3.45pm.  Again we would really appreciate your support in helping us to recruit volunteers to carry out this task.
  3. We would like to invite you and your volunteers to a short training and preparation event, to allocate tasks and answer any questions.  The provisional date set for this is Friday morning, 5th June at Jigsaw Building in Galway at 12 noon.


Please contact Mary O’Sullivan at:  091 560182 or email by Wednesday, 3rd June, to confirm your attendance at the walk and/or Pearse Stadium. Also please provide me with details of any volunteers you have also nominated to support us at Pearse Stadium.