People Of The Year 2017

Congratulations to Deborah Carr on receiving a nomination for People of the Year 2017, Well Done from all of us at Galway East Life Support (GELS). Deborah fully deserves this recognition for the tireless work she does behind the scenes of Galway East Life Support, Deborah is the glue that binds us and keeps pushing us to get the message out there, that there is help through Education, Prevention, Awareness and Support. Deborah does not like or want the attention (she has it now!) and is very happy that Arthur fronts GELS and has the drive to push the message out there, while she stays in the background. What is it they say? behind every good man there is a better woman, couldn’t be truer.

Also the Best of Luck to All of the nominees tonight.

2017 has been a Very Good year for GELS, with the recent Golf Tournament being a great success ( Details of next years event will follow over the next few weeks ), we still have a couple of events to come up before the year is out and details of these will follow shortly. 2018 promises to be a big year for GELS, with courses being organised and further events to keep putting the message out there. So keep a look out on our Facebook Page and on here.